The Attribute Builders gem and playground

In my last article, I published about the birth of AttributeBuidlers and since then I've worked some more on the project and decided that it was time to get it out there – even in its unfinished and incomplete form– in hopes that someone will try it out and get as excited as I am about it.

Head on over to and give it a go. I have put up a few examples on how to get started with it using both Material Design Web Components and Shoelace Web Components.

But, who has time these days to go and write a whole new app and install the gem and write a FormBuilder for some web component library only to realise (even though I've said so above) that it's not a complete implementation yet? Well, I've got you covered.

I've built a playground where you can see it in action without having to write any code yourself!

Here you'll be able to see an implementation of the gem and interact with an actual app! It's still missing a bunch of stuff and has a few bugs here and there but as a proof of concept, it should be enough to convey the intention of the project.

I do recommend going through the gem's readme, and maybe some of the code, to understand what's going on.

I also feel like this idea is ready to be pitched to the Rails team so I'll be posting soon at so be on the lookout for that if you're interested.

Let me know what you think!